UT Alpha, University of Utah

Welcome to Pi Beta Phi! 

My Name is Katie Jane Galindo and as the Vice President of Membership 2018, I would like to personally welcome you on behalf of our chapter. All year we have been working hard planning, preparing, and anticipating your arrival. I cannot wait to get the chance to meet every single one of you. 

Being a part of the Greek community on campus has been the opportunity of a lifetime. Going Greek is a chance to build and expand friendships within a diverse group of students. Recruitment is a unique experience that will expose you to different sororities on campus. Hopefully, you find a place you can call home. We know we did. 

The Utah Alpha Chapter of Pi Beta Phi has given me more opportunities than I could have ever hoped for. Our chapter takes pride in being one of the most diverse. Our members are involved in so many things on campus and come from all over. If you choose to join Pi Beta Phi, you will not just be joining an organization, but you will become part of a family. Every day I am grateful to be part of this loving and caring group of girls who will continue to be at my side through the rest of my life. 

Pi Phi Love and Mine,

Katie Jane Galindo

Vice President of Membership

Alumnae are encouraged to send in letters of reference and legacy forms, the forms can be downloaded on Pi Phi's national website by clicking the link above.

Please mail letters of reference to our Membership Chair at the following address:

1443 East 100 South

Salt Lake City, UT 84102

The recruitment period is a mutual selection process between a Potential New Member (PNM) and Pi Beta Phi.